workplace wellness

Why Wellness in the Workplace works:

Reduce Employee Absenteeism Decrease Health Care Premiums Ensure Job Satisfaction Amongst Your Employees How Can Yoga Help: Yoga is not about being able to touch your toes or meditate…it is practice of a person’s overall health, well-being and personal growth. Yoga not only helps a person to become aware of the stresses in their life, but it offers skills in which to help manage the stress effectively and tools to live a healthier lifestyle. According to Dr. Timothy McCall, a published MD and Yogi, better flexibility leads to increased energy (blood flow to the brain) and improved mood. Through breath and movement, yoga helps to also reduce chronic pain and fatigue. Yoga postures support loosening of joints and muscles and strengthening the core, helping to improve alignment and posture and reduce discomfort. It also helps to increase muscular strength, which can prevent arthritis and back pain. In this way, yoga benefits the workplace, allowing employees to be more energetic and healthy increasing their productivity.


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