Meta Yoga Studios offers private yoga or special group, couple or small group yoga to be either booked at the studio or at your place of residence or lodging. We whether you are new to yoga and one some one-on-one instruction or if you are in the area on a trip, family reunion or weekend girl’s get-away, or even a wedding, our staff is available to book privates 7 days a week. We offer specific times each day for you to book your own online. If you need assistance scheduling a private, please contact us right away at 970.547.9642 or email us.


What’s better than a yoga class with your favorite teacher?…a private yoga session where your favorite teacher focuses 100% of their attention on YOU!! Taking numerous group classes a week is a great way to keep your practice alive and well. Throw in a private session or two on a regular basis and your practice will soar. This intentional, focused, time with one-on-one attention is great if you are: • Ready to break old habits and take your yoga to the next level • Working through a physical injury • Feeling stuck in your yoga practice • Frustrated with a certain pose • Wanting to explore emotions that come up on the mat Private sessions are a perfect venue for teaching students the intricacies and nuances of yoga that are challenging to do in a group format. Are you holding your breath, locking up or getting frustrated in certain poses? If so what does this mean, how can you work through it in a sacred space and bring awareness to your practice and potentially your life.


Weddings, Family Reunions, Ski Groups, Girlfriends… we have got you covered! Come to the studio or we will bring our mats to you.


Private pricing depends on number of students, length of session and location.

General Private Pricing:

$108: 1  person at Meta

$125 :  2 people at Meta

$150-$250:  3-10 people at Meta

$275+:   11 and up at Meta

3 Punch Privates $285

5 Punch Privates =$425

(add $25 for off campus)

Privates/Groups In Studio At Your Location
Single Private $108 add $25
3 Pack of 1 hr Individual Privates $285 add $25
5 Pack of 1 hr Individual Privates $425 add $25
2 Person Private $125 add$25
 3 and Up  Call for Pricing  add $25