Workplace Wellness Pricing:

l.  Weekly Yoga Classes for your Team: An expert member of our teaching staff will come to you or meet your employees at Meta or a Meta off site location.  All Levels Welcome. Classes 15-90 min. 

Investment Per Class: 

  • At Meta: $100/per class
  • Off site: $125 your location/$150 Meta Off Site Location
  • 2 Month Introductory Offer:
    • Unlimited Team Members may attend for the first 2 months as part of the base price
  • After the Two Month Introductory Offer:
    • Cost=Weekly class base fee + additional charge of $10/per person after the 10th person.
    • Your investment will be $10-$15 per employee

Additional Perks:

  • With a weekly class commitment, Your employees get 10% off at MYS
  • Includes: Local Drop In, Punch Passes and One-month memberships
  • Code created specific to your company

Class Styles: 

  1. Gentle Yoga (No sweat. All ages. All levels)
  2. Power Flow Yoga (More Rigorous)
  3. Meditation or Restorative (30-60 min)
  4. Chair Yoga (15-50 min for meetings, all ages, all levels- Price can be renegotiated for 15 min classes)
  5. Season Specific – Yoga on the Lawn

II. Corporate Events/Workshops/Retreats/Off Sites: at your location, our studio or at an inspiring outdoor venue.

These offerings not only reward team members but can rejuvenate and help refocus the team. We will customize your workplace wellness session/event with your priorities in mind.

Workshop Options:

  1. Goal/Intention Setting
  2. Stress Relief/Mindfulness
  3. Partner Yoga/Team Building
  4. Season Specific (Hike/Yoga or Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga/Pontoon Boat Excursions)


  • At Meta: $125 for the first 2 people. $20 each additional person
  • Off Site: $150 for the first 2 people. $25 each additional person
  • Stand Up Paddle Board: Starts at $150 for the first 2 people. $30 each additional person
  • Pontoon Boat/Paddle Excursions: Starts $300 plus $35 per person/boards (10-15 pple)

lll. Corporate Discounts at Meta Yoga Studios:

  1. Company-Paid Memberships: Transferable Corporate Punch Pass/No Expiration Date
    • 25 Punch Pass =$325 ($13/class)
    • 50 Punch Pass = $500 ($10 class)
  1. Discounted Employee-Paid Classes
  • This perk is available when you schedule a workshop, special event or weekly class
    • 10% off Local Drop In, Punch Passes and One-Month Memberships
    • Discount Code created specific to your company

Prices listed above may vary.

Please contact us to set up a program to fit your needs and requirements. 

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