Sense of Community

“In recent years, I have gone through a lot of changes with respect to my health. My experience at Meta has been extremely positive and has helped me to maintain a regular yoga practice. Initially, I was uncomfortable coming to yoga class as I felt that I was too out of shape and inflexible. The excellent teachers at Meta made me feel relaxed and confident that I could improve. The vibe at some yoga studios today can be threatening to people who may feel like they are out of shape or just don’t belong. What sets Meta apart is the sense of community I have felt there. Meta emphasizes the concept that yoga is a way of life and not just exercise. When I first started taking classes at Meta I found it difficult to do many of the asanas and while I am naturally still improving, I now practice yoga on a regular basis and feel strange if I don’t go to class regularly. In many ways Meta has changed my life and I am grateful to have such a place in my community here in Breckenridge.”

- Brian McQuade

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