Yoga and Backcountry Skiing: Same Same...

10 Reasons Why I love Backcountry Skiing & Yoga

...and how they are similar.

Today I got re-inspired. How? By going outside. Getting on snow, walking up the mountain on my skis and reconnecting to everything that is important. Being Present.

I know this to be the pill for me, but somehow work always seems to get in the way.  On my skis today, I realized how much backcountry skiing is like yoga. (Sub out the word backcountry skiing for your favorite activity here).

The Top Ten Reasons I love Yoga and Backcountry Skiing?

  1. Gets me back in my body!

  2. Sparks my creativity!

  3. Gets me out of my head!

  4. Allows me to tap into my inner teacher/Inner voice.

  5. When you get done, your body feels worked in a good way.

  6. I get to listen to inspiring music.

  7. The whoosh from powder skiing is like the effect of a well sequenced flow: you feel on top of the world... alive, energized and fully present.

  8. You get to share the experience with friends. And if you didn’t know them before, the shared experience creates a connection.

  9. It keeps me honest.

  10. Post activity food/beverages taste really good.

Get outside. It will do wonders for your attitude and will bring you back to you.

Love, Leslie

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