Yoga Alliance Certified 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

The greatest teachers are students first.

Looking for advanced training that teaches you how (not what) to teach?
Are you a discussion-based learner who likes to try things on and ask more questions?
Are you looking for the next chapter of your teaching journey?
Do you value Authenticity, Confidence, Inspiration, and Commitment?

(You're in the right place)

You've reached a certain level of expertise in teaching yoga.
You are interested in philosophy and concepts taught by various lineages of yoga.
You are the sort of person who seeks to earn the seat of the teacher.

The backstory of yoga is deep, wide, and expanding rapidly in every direction. It would take more than a lifetime to explore even one lineage, and yet there are teacher trainings popping up on every corner, with lead instructors with shallow experience.

What is happening?

Several lineages of yoga have root teachers harkening the darkness of this modern time, laden with wars, poverty, disease, and despair. They aim to flood the world with as many people who know a little bit of something about yoga, to support these difficult times. What better tools could you have on the battlefield of life than those offered by the philosophical traditions of yoga?

It is a hopeful, helpful thing to have so many yoga teachers with 200 hours of training under their belts offering yoga in detention centers, schools, hospitals, and in support of those who risk their lives to save others. Among those teachers, a few will feel the calling to take an additional step. To better prepare the next generation of teachers to do a little better than simply the boot camp study they learned.

(We'll bet you're one of those teachers)

Our aim at Meta is to instill value-based teachings to support teachers who desire to train others. There is a unique skillset required to convey ancient lessons to modern audiences, and this is the skill we offer in our 300 hour core curriculum. The benefit of yoga is less about touching your toes or sticking a handstand, and more about the perspective you have on the world. In addition to learning some of the basic concepts of yoga, you will learn how to teach them in combination with your own skills, interests and experiences.

Set in the Rocky Mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado, our 300 hour program has a strong core and diverse modular options. Broken into two parts, core and electives, our desire is to give you both the tools to find the great teacher within you as well as give you the flexibility to explore topics that are the most interesting and supporting to you. Each student will also present a capstone project based on their independent reading and research, as a pathway to specialization on their path. All work must be completed within (5) years, and could be completed in one year.


Our (4) core modules, led by Kari Kwinn, are required, offered once each per year and can be taken in any order. They compile the essential components that we believe can help you to step closer towards your next level in teaching yoga.


Together, these modules will compile 155 hours of your total. Look below for our upcoming core module dates.



We work hard to bring you a variety in topics, teachers, hours and offerings all months of the year. Explore our upcoming elective options below. Mix and match to your heart’s content! All electives can be taken as stand alone continuing education or as credits towards your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Meta.

If you are striving towards completing your 300 Hour YTT with Meta, you will need to take at least 145 hours in electives.


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300 Hour Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Tuition Prices

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $150

  • (4) Core Modules: $1,000 each

  • Electives: Pricing Varies

  • Limited Seva Scholarships are available upon request.


Upcoming 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Modules + Electives