COMING SOON… Yoga Alliance Certified 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

OUR MISSION is to re-inspire the student within, lifting teachers up towards their next level of offerings.

Our module style program allows you to go deeper into your yoga practice and teachings at your own pace. Broken into two parts, core and electives, our desire is to give you both the tools to find the great teacher within you as well as give you the flexibility to explore topics that are the most interesting and supporting to you. All electives can be taken as stand alone continuing education or as credits towards your 300 Hour YTT with Meta, in which case you would need at least a total of 135 elective hours. We work hard to bring you a variety in topics, teachers, hours and offerings all months of the year. Explore our upcoming elective options below. Mix and match to your heart’s content! Our (4) core modules, led by Kari Kwinn, are required, offered once each per year and can be taken in any order. Look below for our upcoming core module dates. You’ll be given (3) years from your start in the program to finish all your hours.


    • explore the boundaries we have as individuals, students and teachers

    • find your truth and voice as a teacher

    • understand how trauma interacts with your anatomical body

    • know the difference between vulnerability and too much information

    • discover the different ways that people learn and ways to teach to each style

    • differentiate between your personal verses professional credibility

    • learn trauma-sensitive teaching techniques


    • become aware of the presence you take to be a trusted teacher

    • find techniques, tools and tricks for increasing your memory

    • discover how to utilize resilience in the unforeseen nature that is life and change

    • explore the energetic body and sequencing

    • increase your knowledge around the use of Sanskrit

    • understand what elements make an effective meditation teaching

    • be able to quickly and effectively explain why you teach yoga

    • uncover what it truly means to hold space for your students


    • explore the Universe’s creative, sustaining and destructive forces and what it means for you and your teachings

    • gain a base knowledge of The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras and The Ramayana

    • incorporate music, mantra and myth into your practice and teachings

    • build a library of classical spiritual texts

    • discover the many paths of yoga and where you currently sit in it

    • find reverence in offering teachings from other cultures


    • explore the classical and modern views of Karma Yoga

    • learn about the four Ashramas (phases of life) and how they apply to the yogi

    • experience Bhakti Yoga and how we hold space for spiritual/psychic phenomena

    • discuss the common threads and scientific conversations around "habit" while creating your daily sadhana

    • dive deeper into the Yoga Sutras, becoming familiar with different translations

    • break down the science of meditation

    • identify ways to honor those teachers who came before you

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300 Hour Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Tuition Prices

  • Application Fee (non-refundable): $150

  • (4) Core Modules: $1,000 each

  • Electives: Pricing Varies

  • Limited Seva Scholarships are available upon request.